Safety Matters!

Since our inception in 1981, Deans, Inc. has made great strides to provide a safe workplace for its employees and provide the safest and most efficient job completion to clients.

Training is an important part of what we do at Deans, Inc. Each day poses new challenges that require modifications and updates. Deans, Inc. puts a large emphasis on the training of all field employees from the beginning stages of the new hire process all the way to encouraging continuing education of its electrical craft employees. Deans, Inc. employees meet twice a month to discuss current safety issues and receive training on all relevant topics pertaining to our industry, not to mention daily JSA meetings that start each work assignment.

Other programs leading Deans, Inc. into a Safety Culture are:

  1. Stop Work Authority
  2. Short Service Employee
  3. Behavioral Safety Observation (BSO Card) programs

It is our belief; that if our employees will lead by example while on the job and at home, we can positively influence the rest of the people around us to improve the attitude of safety.